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Maxshine Detailing Swabs – 10 Pack

Maxshine Detailing Swabs allow you to detail the smallest crevices and spaces in both the interior and exterior of your

Maxshine Medium Duty Wheel and Body Brush

Maxshine Medium Duty Wheel & Body Brush is a detailing brush that is perfect for cleaning wheels and engine bays.

Maxshine Foam Pad Cleaning Brush and Pad Removal Tool

De Foam Pad Cleaning Brush is een dubbelzijdig hulpmiddel waarmee u de pad gemakkelijk kunt reinigen en scheiden van de

Maxshine Ezy Wheel Hose Slide Rollers – Red – 2 Pack

Maxshine Ezy Wheel Hose Slide Rollers prevent hoses and cords getting caught underneath your tyres during a detail. The hose